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Say it ain't so

Well last night was the much anticipated battle of the bands show at Campfire. I feel like making the review this time so I will. Things were a little stressful for me. First I had to work, the night shift at Carpenter's. Earlier in the week I asked my co worker Ashley if she could come in and allow me to leave early for the show. Well she said she might be able to, and Carla (another co worker) said she'd be there or whatever. It was very confusing. Anyway Saturday came along and I get there and Carla has left. So there is only like 3 people working in the entire department. In order to get our job done we need atleast 4 people. I kept trying to call Ashley but she never answered, so I realized I was going to have to the job by myself and somehow get to the show before 8 o clock. My usual clock out time is like 7:40. So I rushed through everything and finally left around 7:15 cause I am a badass Dietary worker.

So I got to the show at like 7:40 and met up with Brittany and got changed and met up with everyone else. Apparently they were running behind by like a half hour so things were okay. I felt a little nervous when I got there and I think Gabe did also. Before I entered I found out we were winning the popularity vote. That made me feel less nervous about the show. Then when I went inside John Shanahan's (sp?) band, Tainted Bliss, was playing. I thought they were pretty good, a little out of control, but not so bad. Gabe went up and played a crazy guitar solo with John, that was pretty sweet. Then like the next two bands sucked ass.

Now on to Jentulain's performance. By this time I didn't feel nervous at all and looking around and seeing all our friends, Brittany, Jared, Kaila, John, Josh, Joey and everyone else made things less stressful. Well the first song we played was "Awake?" and it sounded really bad ass. Gabe and I couldn't hear ourselves sing at all so I have no idea how most of the vocals sounded. The song ended a bit prematurely but that wasn't a big deal at all. Then the next song was "Paper Heart", which I dedicated to Brittany. That one really meant a lot to me and I feel like we captured the emotion of the words in our performance. Mike played great guitar and I enjoyed switching around and stuff. It was just a great performance of that song. At that point I knew this could very possibly be one of our best shows. The next song was "Hourglass", which Gabe and I decided to sing together. That song went extremely well and the harmonies worked I believe. Unfortantly halfway through the song some lady came up and held a sign that read "5 minutes" so we ended Hourglass right after the solo and went right into "Banana" which sounded as excellent as ever. WE only sang one verse and went straight to the solo and the outro. Finally we reached "Wonderful World" which I believe was a good climax to our set. Everything sounded tight and there were very few mistakes made by anybody. I definately believe that was the best show we have ever played. I would like to thank you all for coming out and supporting us. Hopefully next time we will get our entire 20 minute time limit.

The judges said a lot of nice things about us, like "You guys are too smart for the Lakeland crowd, obviously these people have never heard good music." or "You guys are a breath of fresh air". We didn't win, however, Malkavian won. We did win the popularity vote thing, which won us a total of $72.

Once again I'd like to thank everyone who came out and supported us. We have two more shows coming up so we'll keep you posted.

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