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I really looooooooooooove you.

So the show was last night at Christina Park. If you didn't go, I don't like you. Anyway, here is how it went.

When I woke up that morning, I felt so sick and I had a temperature of 100 and I felt like I was going to die. I drugged myself up, and went throughout the day, but by the time we had to leave for the show, I felt like dying again. So I took a bunch more medicine, and just left.

Sammy and Chris and I got there at 6 and we all hung out with the other bands, setting up the PA and stuff. Kyle Town and Sammy had a rock paper scissors match to see who would go 3rd. Sammy lost, so Jentulain was up second. We all sat around and waited and then Darin finally got there with the amps and stuff. The first band started playing at like 7:30, and they were not really something I would listen to, but I guess they are good at what they do. Then they finished and our band starting setting up. After a long time, we finally finished sound checks and everything. So then we started playing.

We started with Banana, and it sounded good. It wasn't perfect, but it was close. We have yet to play that song flawlessly. I felt real sick, and yelling and all that zib zab was killing me. I was just trying not to jump around and rock out too much, so I would make it through the whole show. Anyway, Banana was good and then we tuned and went into Ragdoll. Ragdoll went real well. A couple people told me they liked that song best. Which is cool. At the end, where I have to yell real hard, I started to feel real dizzy, and my eyes started to get all black, and I knew I was going to pass out, but then I finished yelling, and just caught my breath and got some water. It was pretty scary. I thought about what the next song was, and realized it was another song I had to sing, and I didn't want to, so I told Darin and Sammy we should play Blunder. So we started that. The music was good, but Darin's mic was too quiet. But it was still pretty good. Then we went into Simply Pathetic, and we played it and it was real good sounding, and then we transitioned into Untitled perfectly. We played that and this time you could hear Darin sing, and he played a good guitar solo, and it sounded great. Then we played Trainwreck, and I almost exploded from sickness cause I had to yell so hard. At the end of that song, Sammy played a drum solo while Darin and I made feedback and stuff. Then we went straight into Moby Dick by Led Zeppelin, and then from that into Dazed and Confused, and that ruled. Everyone was up there yelling and screaming and clapping, and Kyle Town was dancing. It rocked. Then we said thanks to everyone and tore down our stuff, and Frankenchip started to set up.

Frankenchip ruled as usual, and they were real funny and it was just super cool. But we had to leave right after them because they were so obscene and Sammy's mom was angry. Haha. I frantically said bye to everyone and I couldn't find Kaila or any of that possy, so I figured they left. So we left and got fries and milkshakes and McDonalds. I realized I felt a lot better now for some reason. Sammy's mom said that I might have sweated the sickness out. I did sweat a lot, so hopefully that is true.

Anyway, I wanted to stay and see Moby Dick, because I like their style, but Sammy's mom made us leave, so God damnit. Some highlights of the show were...

1. Wearing sweet Steak N' Shake hats.
2. Kick boxing Kyle Town.

Ok that's it. Haha.

All in all, it was a real fun show and thanks to everyone who came, and everyone that didn't, you suck ass.
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