Darin (_all_apologies) wrote in jentulain,

Pics of us please

If anybody has any pictures of Jentulain from the recent show, or any other shows for that matter, please contact one of us so we can somehow get them and post them on our myspace site or whatever. Thanks.

The boys of Jentulain!
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i think mallory andrews took some pictures of ya'll, you could see her.
I got a bunch of pictures from Sammy's girlfriend.
I am glad we have both found happiness... finally. :) I guess what we shared together blinded our true unhappiness. Thank you for doing me a favor and letting me see the true side of you and realizing that we were definately not meant to be. I see you have moved on as have I. I am very happy and with someone who completes me in a way me and you never could. I am glad we are satisfied and I can't wait to see you next year:) o. and i found my earrings:)
i just want your extra time and your..

:)let's continue being friends:)